DD2257 HT21 Visualization (visual21)

DD2257 HT21 Visualization (visual21)

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We start the course purely virtual and then work our way towards a hybrid setup.

Zoom ID: 678 1707 8985 https://kth-se.zoom.us/j/67817078985

The focus of this course (see also Overview of the course) is on discussing efficient techniques to visually represent large-scale data sets from simulation and measurement. We will discuss the visualization pipeline, data structures, mapping techniques, and special rendering techniques for data from different application domains such as fluid dynamics, climate research, medicine, or biology. Various examples will be given to outline the benefits of visualization techniques in practical applications.

The course includes both theory and practical aspects. A number of tutorials will deepen the understanding of the course content using theoretical and practical assignments.

The course uses a "flipped classroom" methodology. You initially obtain knowledge through watching videos and reading papers at home, and then deepen that knowledge through engaging with it in an interactive meeting with the teacher and the other students.

Teacher: Tino Weinkauf

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