BB200X- Degree Project in Biotechnology

BB200X- Degree Project in Biotechnology Course Syllabus

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Application Form

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Course Registration

The project must have a scope within biotechnology and must have the potential to let the student fulfill the intended learning outcomes. It is therefore important that the synopsis is handed in in good time before the intended course start, for evaluation by the examiners. If there are any doubts that the project is suitable, contact any examiner for a discussion as soon as possible. We have four examiners in BB200X,Peter Savolainen, Qi Zhou, Patrik Ståhl, Yves Hsieh, the examiner will be assigned to the students one week before the startup meeting.

For course registration, please send the following three documents to the examiner Qi Zhou by email before the application deadline.

(1) Scan copy of your approved application form "PART 1" (signed by you and the school administration by Rebecka Charpentier, Mikael Iivonen or Maria Orgmets at Teknikringen 50)

(2) Official transcript of records (generated from KTH Ladok)

(3) Scan copy of your project synopsis (signed by you and your KTH main supervisor)

You will receive a confirmation email after we checked your application documents. If you don't receive a confirmation within 24h, please contact Qi Zhou again. If you are doing your master thesis outside Sweden, you should also contact David Grenot for support. The examiners will meet one week before the startup meeting, then fill out your application form "PART 2" and get the signature by Torbjörn Gräslund.

Application deadlines


HT24-1, Starting date:  2024-08-26 Deadline for application: 2024-08-19

HT24-2, Alternative starting date: 2024-10-28 Deadline for application: 2024-10-21


VT25-1, Starting date:  2025-01-14 Deadline for application: 2025-01-07

VT25-2, Alternative starting date: 2025-03-17 Deadline for application: 2025-03-10


HT25-1, Starting date:  2025-08-25 Deadline for application: 2025-08-18

HT25-2, Alternative starting date: 2025-10-27 Deadline for application: 2025-10-20

Startup meeting


VT25-1, 2025-01-14, via Zoom, time to be announced, invitation will be sent before the meeting.

Public thesis presentation and opposition


VT25-1, 2025-05-29, 2025-05-30, and 2025-06-02, on campus (AlbaNova and SicLifeLab), time and location to be announced



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