Note: The re-exam (Aug 19, 2021) is canceled since nobody has registered for it.


Welcome to SH2314 Medical Imaging Signals and systems!

The first class is Tue March 23, 10.15-12.00. Until further notice the course will be given entirely on Zoom:


The schedule can be found here:


Schedule Update: The last lecture is Tuesday May 18 10.15-12.00. (Note that this is not scheduled in timeEdit!)
There will also be extra office hours (Zoom as usual) Monday May 17 12-13.

Additional office hours before the exam:

Tuesday 2021-05-25 12-14 (extended by one hour as I may occasionally be busy tending to the lab during the first hour.)

Thursday 2021-05-27 11-13

Monday 2021-05-31 12-13

In case there are any changes in the KTH Corona guidelines, I will let you know.

Here you can find the course memo  (Minor updates Apr 8 and May 5).

You can also find the lecture slides here (requires login).

The exam on Tuesday 2021-06-01 8.00-13.00 will be monitored remotely over Zoom. There is a separate Canvas room for the exam: https://canvas.kth.se/courses/30480. Please go into this room well before the exam and study the instructions!

On the exam, this formula sheet will be provided: FORMULA_SHEET.pdf. Please note that you can also bring up to five pages of your own formula sheets (front- and backside counts as two pages)!

You still have the opportunity to book a one-on-one coaching session over zoom if you want (send me an email).

Below is a two-minute welcome video:


(Powerpoint version of the same video with transcript in slide notes: Welcome.pptx )

Please note that you will not be required to have the course textbook (Prince and Links) in order to complete the course. There is an alternative reading list in the course memo with books accessible through the KTH library.

Looking forward to meeting you all in class!

Mats Persson

Below you can find some useful resources:

Refresher materials on Fourier methods

Exams from previous years (also see the study guide)

Recommended exercises from the course book

Old lecture slides from a previous course round (2017) 

Useful links