Course Syllabus

The official course plan can be found here (KTH) and here (SU).

To pass this course, you need to turn in homework and regularly and actively attend exercise sessions, where you will also be expected to present solutions from time to time. The exact requirements will be updated on this page once the class size becomes clearer. There will be no final exam.

There will be 14 homework sets. Each homework set consists of

  • a reading assignment
  • two problems that you are expected to submit written solutions to. Usually one of these will be based on the reading assignment, the other on material from the lecture.
  • three problems that you are expected to solve and be able and ready to present in the exercise session. 

You can and are encouraged to discuss the homework problems with your fellow students, but you need to write solutions up on your own and in your own words. Late homework will not be graded.

Homework needs to be uploaded to canvas as a single PDF file. Emailing homework to us or submitting it on paper is not acceptable. Trouble with canvas does not exempt you from the deadline (you can always test if it works and replace your unfinished submission with an updated one later).

Every written homework submission gives up to a maximum of 10 points. Your four worst homework sets are dropped (including homework sets you didn't turn in). The grade thresholds are:

Grade Fx E D C B A
Minimum points 48 50 60 70 80 90



Lecture Notes

Below are screenshots of the online blackboard notes I made.

Lecture 11.1
Lecture 11.2

Lecture 12.1
Lecture 12.2

Video: Lecture 12 (missing a few minutes after the break)

Lecture 13.1
Lecture 13.2

Lecture 14.1
Lecture 14.2

Lecture 15.1
Lecture 15.2

Course Summary:

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