Course Syllabus

Preliminary plans for Lectures 

This is a  preliminary plan for the lectures, and we may slightly digress from this.

Jan 21: ODE + numerics

Jan  28: ODE + numerics

Feb. 4:   Crystals Precipitation

Feb. 11:  Eq. of continuity, Advection equation, 

Feb.  25:  Numerical  approach and stability 

Feb. 27 (Thursday 15-17):  Heat Equation,  Gaussian Kernel,  Fourier series,  Separation of variables, 

March 3:  Electron beam lithography, method of truncation,  Backward scattering

March 10:  Numerical methods: Simple explicit methods, Stability and Fourier stability

March 17:  Development of color film,  Diffusion eq. and use of Maximum/comparison  principle

March 24: Calculus of variations 

March 31: Catalytic convertor 

April:        Consultation for projects

May: 5, 12, 19: Presentations


Course Summary:

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